About Us

The story of a small batch coffee roaster located in Western Pennsylvania.

Our Story

It all started with the simple goal of creating the best cup of coffee every morning. Over the years I have experimented with different styles of brewing coffee and using different beans, and eventually started roasting my own beans.

I came up with the name Homeschool Coffee Roasters after much deliberation. The name actually has two meanings. First, I am completely self taught in the art of roasting coffee beans, and second, I launched this company after leaving the workforce to help our kids with virtual school full time during the pandemic.

I mentioned above that I consider roasting coffee an art, and nothing could be more true. That is why I consider this the best cup of coffee you can get, because each batch is roasted to perfection based on my knowledge and experience, adjusting each batch to get the perfect roast.

While all of our lives have been upended and changed forever in recent years, my goal is to make the best of this experience for me and my family, while also being able to share the best cup of coffee with each of you!